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Toyota Industries has developed a rich lineup of spinning machinery to meet the varied needs of our customers, including high-speed ring spinning frames and roving frames. We are working to combine the pursuit of great spinning performance to produce high-quality yarn reduced energy consumption into our product development.

RX300 Series (High-Speed Ring Spinning Frame)

The RX300 Series delivers the high quality, high productivity, superior operability, and easy maintenance demanded of a spinning frame through such advanced Toyota technologies as proprietary spinning geometry, positive lifting, and a 10.5-inch color function panel.

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RX300 EST-II (Compact Spinning Machine)

The RX300 EST-II offers exceptionally high quality compact yarns that exceed the capabilities of conventional ring spinning systems.

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FL200 (High-Speed Roving Frame)

The new FL200 was born out of Toyota’s unrelenting pursuit of the ideal roving frame, one that enables anyone to produce high-quality roving at high speeds, the aim of the FL100.

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